When Sault Ste. Marie’s beloved farmers’ market decided to change locations and adopt a new name, we knew that establishing awareness in the community would be critically important to ensure their continued success.

Accretive stepped in with an end-to-end marketing strategy, including a full rebrand and a new website. To get the word out, we also developed an integrated ad campaign featuring social, digital, and traditional ads, such as billboards, signage, and more.

Algoma Steel’s transformation to electric arc steelmaking marks a significant step forward on their path towards a greener future. Our objective was to convey these advancements and instill a feeling of pride in their continued role in the community.

Nestled in the center of the Great Lakes, an area renowned for innovative freshwater research, Sault Ste. Marie was well-positioned to become the home base for the Canada Water Agency. To help support their bid, we were tasked with highlighting the city’s unique strengths and commitment.

From curated travel experiences to mouth-watering culinary delights and much more, Accor wanted to create an online hub that travelers could explore to find inspiration for their next adventure.

We optimized, redesigned, and rebuilt their existing travel blog to make it more engaging, accessible, and visually stunning. But we didn’t stop there. We also added useful features like search-by-category functionality, language toggles, and cross-sell promotional offers.